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JCC Dance Testimonials

My dance friends feel like my soul friends. ~Ruthie

Poise, skill, confidence, and a sense of community are the core gifts of the JCC dance program. We moved to Omaha a decade ago and didn’t know a single person. Our neighbor recommended the “J” and we’ve been in love with it ever since. Our daughter joined the dance program as a tiny little ballet dancer and we’ve been able to watch her flourish- not just in skill but in confidence and poise. The teachers make thoughtful decisions on costumes, songs, and class progression. Their foremost goal is to create classically trained dancers with a deep, full knowledge and love of the art. Nothing is flashy, fast, or showy; it is thoughtful, respectful, and beautiful. I am so grateful that the JCC dance program has guided my daughter through ballet, jazz, and tap for the last ten years and my boys enjoyed the hip-hop classes.  The J is one of the greatest gifts for our family because it gave us a community, our kids gained skills, and it is a place filled with memories. ~Annie

Our daughter Abby danced at the JCC from age 3 through her senior year of high school. It was the single most important and formative experience of her life outside of her family and her synagogue. What she learned at dance about perseverance, art, friendship, and strength continues to shape who she is. ~Rosie

Our 15 years with JCC Dance has been an amazing time and wonderful experience for our daughter, and for us as parents.  Each year we saw how much she learned and honed her dance skills. The Director and Instructors love their dancers while inspiring and motivating them. Our daughter continues to dance in college building off the techniques she learned at the JCC. The JCC Dance Department was her second home and is a time in her life that she absolutely cherishes. ~Debbie



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