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Members, Ages 16+
Maximum: 8 per class

Break through your fitness plateau with these monthly, personal trainer led, group workouts. Workouts will be held in our new JFIT Studio. For an additional monthly fee, members can access any or all of these new weekly JFIT classes. Classes will be designed around an area of focus (listed below). Instructors will lead workouts making adjustments for class size and member abilities. All workouts can be modified if needed. JFIT participants will also have the ability to utilize Myzone technology to provide their fitness metrics in real time.

  • All fitness levels welcome. All workouts can be modified
  • Ability to track fitness metrics in real time using Myzone
  • New dedicated JFIT Studio & Equipment
  • Assault Air Bike & Air Runner
  • Queenax W500
  • Medicine Balls


  • JFIT is $86 / month / person
  • This fee will be charged on a monthly basis, until you cancel.
  • JFIT can be purchased at the Member Services Desk or by calling (402) 334-6426.

Once purchased, participants MUST reserve their spot in class using the live schedule

Questions? Call (402) 334-6580 or (402) 334-6423 to learn more!

Four areas of focus.


Goal: Muscle & Strength
Workouts: Heavy weights. Decreased reps

Whether you planking, doing squats or performing functional exercises at different speeds, you will get stronger!


Goal: Stamina
Workouts: High speed & reps. Decreased resistance & recovery time.

Building muscular endurance through JFIT training is part of the goal. Doing more reps with the weight that you choose, tones and  builds endurance.


Goal: Strength & Speed
Workouts: Explosive movements & exercises

Power workouts will improve the ability to generate strength as quickly as possible.


Goal: Flexibility & Core
Workouts: Dynamic core strengthening & range of motion exercises

Workouts will improve range of motion in the major joints of the body Workouts will use special exercises and tools that will still leave you sweaty!

If you are having trouble registering for classes USE THIS LINK!

New workouts every day.

JFIT Members can attend any or all classes, but must RSVP using the JFit schedule below. Maximum of 8 per class.

Wear your Myzone belt in the JFIT studio and track your workout live with this wearable heart rate platform. The zones of intensity automatically calibrate to the users unique maximize heart rate. My zone products have been clinically tested to be 99.4% accurate on the chest strap and 94% accurate with the arm and wrist strap.

Belts can be purchased from Member Services!



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