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From historical and educational exhibits to beautiful displays of local, national, and international art, our Gallery hosts a wide array of content. Located just next to the Alan J. Levine Performing Arts Theater in the Staenberg Omaha Jewish Community Center, the Gallery provides individuals an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves on culturally enriching exhibitions. Exhibits cycle through on a monthly basis, providing a constant stream of new material.

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Whether through a refined drawn line or an abstract brush stroke of color, art conveys expressions and perceptions of who, or what, a person or thing is. This exhibit pursues a visual representation around the concept of identity – existing in a space where self expression merges with a personal recording of the human condition.

Participating Artists:
Erin Blayney
Derek Courtney
Conrad Hinz
Shawnequa Linder
Ann Osborne
Shiri Phillips
Mike Scheef
Tom Swanson

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Meet the Artists…

Erin Blayney
Erin Blayney received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. She has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in Omaha, NE, San Diego, CA, and Chicago, IL. Trained as a figurative painter, Erin uses pastel and graphite as her most current medium, exploring abstraction and allowing a sense of rawness to be revealed. A native of St. Petersburg Beach, FL, Erin currently resides in Omaha, NE. Collections of her work include Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, Herbe Sainte restaurant, Peter Kiewit Foundation, Blackstone Corner, and Energi Salon. Publications include Adbusters Magazine, The Encounter, Medium Magazine, and San Diego Home and Gardens. Erin has completed several commissioned artworks for private collectors across the nation. She currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.
Derek Courtney
Derek Courtney is a Nebraska based artist who works in mixed media.
“Under the current circumstances it seems frivolous and even disingenuous to be writing about my art in an explanatory way. These statements are, as I understand them, a way for the artist to give the viewer guidance on how to view their work. Intent seems to play a big part in most of the statements I read. The artist using the written word to explain to the viewer how to look at art based on his personal process of creating seems a bit dishonest. So I’m gonna proceed with this statement in the most honest and direct way possible.

I made this art while recovering from a back injury that required a significant amount of hardware to surgically repair. Every aspect of the art created was influenced by it. The scale, materials, and subject matter were all a direct result of the experience. This work is the result of me living through a specific set of circumstances and documenting the process.

Now, do I expect the viewer to drag that knowledge into their experience? No. I absolutely do not. I would prefer that the work is seen as it is. These are small drawings and paintings hanging in a public space. They can be enjoyed (or disliked) for any individual element included or as a whole. I hereby grant all responsibility of intent and meaning to the viewer. Enjoy.”

Conrad Hinz
Conrad Hinz is a graduate of the Corcoran School of Art in washington D.C where he received a bachelor of fine arts degree. He had two one man shows in washington dc at Govinda Gallery in Georgetown. He has been featured in many publications such as the Washington post, Washingtonian Magazine, Albuquerque Journal, South Dakota Magazine,Rapid City Journal and in 2019 in the Omaha world Herald in which he painted a ceiling mural in the old brandeis mansion on 500 Dewey St. Conrad’s paintings range in a variety of different styles, he lives and works in his studio in Omaha NE.
Shanequa Linder
Shawnequa Linder is an Omaha-based mixed media artist. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts from Bellevue University in (2006). Her work explores the varying relationships between chaos and disorder. Whether it’s applied in a nontraditional landscape or portrait using a combination of texture and colors. Her work has been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions including Omaha’s Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Museum of Nebraska Art, Gallery 1516, Hot Shops Art Center and RNG Gallery.
Ann Osborne
Ann Osborne is an Omaha based artist who has always loved color and experimenting with various art forms. She discovered fluid painting and fell in love. What started as Ann, paint, and a canvas, turned into a world-wide experience. She started making YouTube videos, and before she knew it had over 70,000 subscribers from across the globe. She formed friendships and connections she never could have imagined.

“My painting has become so much more than I ever could have hoped for, but in the end it is still just me, paint, and a canvas.”

Shiri Phillips
Shiri Phillips loves everything full of color and life. Her background is in the arts, specifically studio art and art history. With an experienced eye for design and color, she loves to create work that is visually captivating and unique. Her study and love for Impressionism also is reflected in her art. By overlaying the various mediums in an abstracted way she hopes to create a unique and vivid experience for the viewer.

“I am a graphic designer and painter, but with careful thought they go hand in hand. My art is painted with intent, delivering pieces that I hope give the viewer the comfort of structure, along with the emotional release of abstraction. The specific placement of color in a variety of my pieces creates a ‘graphic-like’ feel. When the colors are carefully painted together we can be reminded of a pixelated image on a computer screen.”

Mike Scheef
Mike Scheef has been a professional screen printer for 30 years with a BFA in drawing from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at the Fred Simon Gallery and juried shows at the UNO Art Gallery and the Anderson Gallery at Drake University.

“My print work deals with mass production (limited editions) and recycling of materials and images. This series was created in the past year, all from one single drawing. In a time of quarantine and distancing, they represent a substitute and a hope for the return of groups and social gatherings.”

Tom Swanson
Tom Swanson is an Omaha based artist who works in a variety of mediums, including printmaking and paper sculpture.



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