Staenberg Kooper Fellman Campus

Aquatic Policies & Procedures

The following rules and procedures will be enforced and followed in both the Indoor and Outdoor Aquatic complexes. If you have questions about any of our aquatic procedures, please call the Aquatics Department at (402) 334-6473 or Member Services at (402) 334-6426.

Outdoor Aquatic Center General Information

• Membership cards are required to enter the facility.
• The lap lane schedule is subject to change.
• The lazy river goes in a clockwise direction.
• For safety purposes, only 15 inner tubes will be available in the lazy river.
• The bucket on the Aqua Play Unit dumps about every seven minutes, please be cautious.
• You must be 48″ tall to use the water slide.
• All hours are weather permitting and subject to change.

Pool Rules

All Members and Non Members must abide by the following pool rules when using our facilities. Lifeguard(s) on duty have the final say regarding all pool rules, pool regulations and pool situations. Pool management will back lifeguard(s).

1. Proper bathing suits are required. No underwear, cut-off jeans/pants or colored t-shirts are allowed in the pool.

2. Infants and toddlers who are not potty-trained are required to wear a specially made swim diaper, i.e. little swimmers. No disposable diapers or rubber pants are permitted in the pool.

3. Children, ages 8 and under, who are in or near the water must be actively supervised by an adult guardian who is within arm’s reach. Children, age 11 and under, must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

4. Children, age 11 and under, must take a 25 meter swim test to determine their swim ability. Tests will be administered by a lifeguard. Children will issued a wristband based on their results.

5. Children, age 11 and under, must wear their designated swim level wrist band at all times. Bands are issued to children after the completion of their swim test.

6. The following items are NOT allowed in our aquatic facilities:
• Outside food and/or drink
• Glass containers. (Empty, plastic water bottles are allowed.)
• Drugs, alcohol or tobacco

7. The following behavior policies will be enforced at all times:
• Pushing or throwing persons into the pool is not allowed.
• No horseplay. No running, dunking, jumping on one another, spitting or riding on shoulders.
• Hitting, kicking, or violence of any sort is not allowed.
• No prolonged under water swimming or breath holding is allowed.

8. Hanging on pool equipment such as ropes and ladders, is not allowed. Improper use of water features is not allowed.

9. Outside inflatables (balls, rafts, water wings etc.) are not permitted in the pool facility. Individuals requiring flotation assistance may use US Coast-Guard approved PFDs (life vests) only.

10. Diving is only permitted in water deeper than 9 feet. Be aware of what (or who) may be beneath you when entering the pool.

11. The JCC is not responsible for your personal property.

Youth Swim Testing

All children, ages 11 and under will be swim tested. A wrist band will then be issued, based on their swim level. This wrist band will determine what features they may access.

Green level swimmers can access any body of water and use any water feature.
Please note: even if you are a green level swimmer, you must be 48″ tall to use the waterslide.

Yellow level swimmers can access the aqua play unit, lazy river, splash pad, and shallow end of the competition pool. They will NOT be allowed on the water slide, climbing wall, diving board, or deep end of the competition pool.

Red level swimmers can use the aqua play unit and splash pad. They will NOT be allowed in the lazy river, on the water slide, climbing wall, diving board, or in the deep end of the competition pool.

Prohibited Items

Please remember that the following items are NOT ALLOWED at the Goldstein Family Aquatic Center:
• Outside Food and/or Drink
• Glass of Any Kind (Empty plastic water bottles ok)
• Outside Inflatables: Balls, Tubes, Rafts, Water Wings, etc. (Coast Guard approved vests / puddle jumpers ok)
• Drugs, Alcohol and/or Tobacco
• Firearms and/or Weapons of Any Kind

Policy for Inclement Weather & Temperature

We follow the National Weather Service policy for inclement weather. In the event of weather involving lightning and thunder, the following policies and procedures will be observed in both the outdoor and indoor pools. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we follow these policies to ensure your safety and well-being.

Thunder: When thunder is heard, the pools  will close for 30 minutes, meaning no one is allowed in either body of water.

Lightning: When lightning is spotted, the pools will be closed. Pools will re-open 30 minutes post storm or when deemed appropriate by staff.

Outside Temperature: The NOAA RADAR Pro App will be used for temperature readings. We will use the “feels like” reading to account for wind and sun. Open swim will be held if the reading is at least 35 degrees. Swim Team will be held if the reading is at least 65 degrees. Splash Pad usage will be held if the reading is at least 70 degrees.

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