Staenberg Kooper Fellman Campus

Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Due to limited capacity, we strongly encourage you to RESERVE a spot in the Group Ex class you plan on attending.


Mind / Body Classes

Mat Pilates
Intensity Varies
Get long, lean & toned! Pilates improves your core muscled strength, flexibility, balance, & posture without building bulk.

Moderate Intensity
A perfect blend of traditional Pilates & Yoga moves this class will help you improve balance & muscle tone while relaxing the mind.

Tai Chi
Low Intensity
Improve your balance, stability, & focus in Tai Chi. Slow, controlled movements & breathing maintain your physical & mental balance.

Total Barre
Low-Moderate Intensity
Total Barre integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio, & strength training. Focus on your glutes, hips, abs, & arms with this class.

Gentle Yoga
Low-Moderate Intensity
A slow flow with deep stretching, basic poses and breathing techniques. Designed to increase flexibility and mobility, restorative in nature. Attempt to combine the various energy levels within the body, ultimately resulting in balance. Great for those new to yoga as well as more experienced yogis.

Mindful Yoga
Moderate-High Intensity
An energetic combination of poses based on the foundations of traditional Hatha Yoga. Designed to enhance strength, flexibility, balance and mobility in the body and mind by harnessing the power of the breath. Recommended for a variety of experience levels from beginner to advanced.

Flow Yoga
Moderate-High Intensity
A Vinyasa Yoga, characterized by stringing postures together so you move from one to another seamlessly, guided by the force of inhales and exhales. Classes may include more dynamic and complex postures.  Accessible to all experience levels.

Power Yoga
Moderate-High Intensity
Power Yoga takes Flow up a notch with an increased pace, challenging postures and extra core work. Plan to work hard, sweat and enjoy the sweet reward of savasana. This class is intended for experienced practitioners.

Cardio Classes

Get ready to sweat! Lose yourself in this fun, fast paced cardio workout on the  bikes. Classes are great for beginners & avid riders alike.

Core & Cycle
Moderate-High Intensity
This class with get your heart pumping and muscles burning! Class includes 25 minutes of cycling along with 25 minutes of strength building!

Dance Fitness
Moderate Intensity
Dance your way healthy with this 45 minute class. This all cardio workout will feel like a dance party with friends more than a workout.

Total Body + Cardio
Moderate Intensity
Make the most of your workout with this total body routine complete with cardio intervals.

Moderate-High Intensity
Set to fun and funky Latin music, this dance inspired workout will have you shaking your way slim. Zumba is a great cardio workout for anyone, no dance experience necessary.

Strength Training

Build Better
This class is focused on building strength efficiently with a focus on proper form and effective combinations.

Get Strong
Class combines strength training, muscle conditioning and plyometric training bursts for a full body workout.

Get Toned
This strength class is focused on building strength and increasing functionality using primarily dumbbells. It includes upper body, lower body, and full body circuits with built in progression.

Combination Classes

Boot Camp
High Intensity
Total body, high intensity workout filled with times cardio, strength, & core drills. Challenge yourself, see the benefits!

Go Time
High Intensity
Ready. Set. Go! This high intensity workout is filled with intervals of cardio, strength & core.

High Intensity
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combines bursts of strength, plyometric & athletic training to really give you a total body workout.

Senior Fit Club
Low Intensity
Masters Fitness is now Senior Fit Club! This social and fun class is great way for active older adults to stay in shape, and include full body, functional fitness designed to enhance posture and balance. Every class will look to maintain strength with either long stretches, isometric, or weights/bands and cardio options. Exercises will have chair options and standing options, depending on ability.

Step & Strength
Moderate-High Intensity
Step aerobics combined with strength training moves will give you a total body workout.

Studio Sculpt
Intensity Varies
This class encompasses flexibility, strength training and mobility to provide a dynamic workout that tones and tightens core muscles. Shoes are a must with this full variety class that will encourage you to keep your heart and mind healthy while strengthening your overall fitness journey and burn calories.

Aqua Classes

Aqua Tabata
Moderate-High Intensity
A fun, high intensity-low impact water workout that combines cardio, core, balance, and strength training. This is an interval style class set to music that uses various HITT and Tabata training techniques to improve overall fitness.

Aqua Fitness
Low-Moderate Intensity
A low impact water workout that combines cardio, core, balance and range of motion.

Aqua Zumba
Low-Moderate Intensity
All the fun of Zumba, but in water! This medium impact water workout is set to music.

Water Aerobics
Low-Moderate Intensity
Varying cardio & strength exer-cises utilizing water weights, noodles, etc. A challenging workout with little to no stress on your joints.

Intensity Varies
Pilates & Water Fitness combine for a total body workout! Class will strengthen your core & have you coming back for more.

Kid Classes

Parents do not have to attend with their child but MUST remain on campus.

Kid’s Boot Camp
Moderate / High Intensity
This boot camp style workout will be team centered, always moving, building healthy workout routines, while teaching proper form.Open to members, ages 6-13.

Kids Stretch & Salutations
Intensity Varies
Kids can strengthen their bodies and minds through yoga-inspired poses and motor activities. Kids will not only build their self-confidence and self-esteem, but also increase their strength and flexibility. Open to members, ages 6-13.

Kids In Motion
High Intensity
This class covers basic fitness fundamentals. Body weight and plyometric, mixed with great fun. Open to members, ages 6-13. Let’s have fun while getting fit!

Zumba Kids
High Intensity
This high-energy dance party won’t feel like a workout. Kids will build cardiovascular endurance, strength, and boost their metabolism! This dance-fitness class is choreographed to kid-friendly routines and is geared for ages 6-13. See you on the dance floor!

Class Etiquette

When participating in our Group Exercise Classes we ask that you please observe the following guidelines and procedures:

  • If you are new to a class, speak with the Instructor beforehand. They can give you an idea of the class format and provide details you may need to know.
  • Medical clearance from your physician, prior to starting any exercise program, is highly recommended.
  • If you are waiting for a class to begin, please do not enter the Aerobic Studio until the current class has finished.
  • Be on time! If you are late, please take a spot at the back of class and do your best not to disrupt those already participating.
  • Arrive early for all Spin classes, so that you can set up your bike prior to class.
  • Wear appropriate workout clothes. Sneakers are required for all classes except Yoga and Pilates. All shoes worn in the Aerobics Studio should be different from your street shoes. Use the benches outside of the Aerobics studio to change your shoes before and after class.
  • Remember your personal hygiene and refrain from wearing strong perfume and cologne.
  • Water brought into class must be in an unbreakable container. Food is not permitted. You may bring your own towel to class if needed.
  • Be respectful and keep conversation to a minimum. All cell phones must be turned OFF or put on silent during class.
  • All equipment used (mats, balls, steps, etc.) should be cleaned and returned to their proper storage location when class ends.