Staenberg Kooper Fellman Campus

Our Staff

We strive to give our members and guests the best experience possible. We are listening and would love to hear what you have to say.

Executive Director
Mark Martin
(402) 334-6417

Program Director
Laura Wine
(402) 334-6470

Director of Membership Services
Tracy Modra
(402) 334-6426

Business Manager
Steven Holcombe
(402) 590-2148

Program Account Coordinator
Johanna Berkey
(402) 334-6419

Membership Account Coordinator
Meg Bearman
(402) 334-6452

Director of Performing Arts
Esther Katz
(402) 334-6406

Assistant Director of
Performing Arts

Jessica Westerlin
(402) 334-6402

Director of Aquatics 
Ben Novak
(402) 334-6473

Assistant Director of Aquatics 
Renee Schomburg
(402) 334-6473

Director of Youth Programming
Allison Burger
(402) 334-6409

Assistant Youth Director
Amanda Welsh
(402) 590-2152

Director of BBYO/Teen Programs
Jacob Geltzer
(402) 334-6404

Director of the Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center
Jeanine Huntoon
(402) 334-6415

Assistant Director of the Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center
Lisa Cooper
(402) 334-6414

Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center Arts Educator
Shannon Liedel
(402) 334-6413

Director of Athletic Programming
Lynette Brannen
(402) 590-2144

Assistant Director of Athletics/Basketball Coordinator
Jonathan Crossley
(402) 590-2141

Fitness Center Director
Maggie Thomas
(402) 334-6472

Assistant Fitness Center Director
Shelby Hohnholt
(402) 334-6472

Fitness Center Staff
(402) 334-6423
Maggie Thomas
Shelby Hohnholt
Ed Heller
Sam Anderson
Heather Bucksner
Josh Dolph
Alyssa Schwarzenberger
Terry Bueltel
Ben Knauss
Meg Lee (Pilates)
Clarie Shannon (Pilates)

Rachel Wipf (Pilates)

Physical Therapy
Kurt Harte
(402) 990-8458

Kevin Almquist
(402) 426-3488

Massage Therapy
(402) 334-6487
Greg Norton, LMT
Nora Lee Zoob, LMT

Women’s Health Spa
(402) 334-6549

Men’s Health Spa
(402) 334-6486