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Pre & Postnatal Fitness

Expecting moms and those who have returned from delivery can train with our Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist. Participants will gain the knowledge to have peace of mind and confidence in their bodies during and after pregnancy! Participants will learn techniques and exercises on how to:

  • Stay active and preventing unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy
  • Strengthen back, glutes and core muscles – all of the muscles that are used in higher demand during pregnancy
  • Prevent diastis, a weakened pelvic floor, and low back pain
  • Retrain core and pelvic floor postpartum
  • Safely return to natural body weight postpartum
Training Details
  • Open to JCC Members
  • Ongoing program. Members can purchase and begin at any time
  • Sessions are run as Private or Semi-Private Training
  • All training can be purchased at Member Services
Private Training
Private training is personal training for one person. Our Pre/post Natal Specialist will guide you through a customized workout to help you reach your goals. Sessions are true one-on-one training and may be individualized to fit your specific needs. Workouts can be customized to your specific interests. Talk to your instructor to inquire about options.
Semi-Private Training
Semi-private training is for two people. Our Pre/post Natal Specialist will guide participants through a customized workout. Sessions can be focused on the areas  that participants are looking to develop. Talk to your instructor to inquire about options.

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