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Pilates Training

Members, Age Dependent on Program
Pilates is one of the most effective exercise methods for those looking to increase core strength, muscle tone, & flexibility, decrease body fat and improve posture & balance. Our program uses top of the line equipment to ensure effective and safe workouts. Training options include Pilates reformer, tower, chair, or mat. No matter which you choose, our instructors will help you meet your fitness goals.

Our New Pilates Reformer Studio is Now Open!

We are proud to provide our Members with top level facilities that meet their needs. Our new Pilates Reformer Studio was completed this September and is now ready for use. This beautiful new space contains 6 new reformers and a full selection of supplemental equipment!

The Benefits of Pilates


Breathing through the belly engages the core and increases muscle activation.

Head & Cervical Placement

 Aligning the head and neck in a neutral position prevents and decreases neck pain.

Pelvic Placement

Tucking and releasing the pelvis keeps the low back in its natural curve to prevent and decrease low back pain.

Rib Cage Placement

Lifting and squeezing the ribs activates the core and improves posture.

Scapular Movement

Activating muscles through the mid back and shoulder prevents and decreases upper back and shoulder pain.


Training Details & Options

  • Open to JCC Members
  • Beginner through advanced level individuals are welcome
  • Ongoing program. Members can purchase and begin at any time
  • You must purchase a class card prior to joining a small group class
  • All training can be purchased at Member Services
  • Classes are held in our Pilates Reformer Studio


One Day Event !

Pilates by the Pool – June 5th

Members and non-members are invited to enjoy a 45 min. mat Pilates class on the deck of the outdoor pool. Athleta will be providing gift cards to all registered attendees. The reward for attending is enjoying Pilates with a group, seeing and trying new styles from Athleta and possibly trying the Pilates Reformers free of charge that will be available to 15 participants from 9-10 in the Pilates studio. Everyone will leave with at least a $15 shop card to Athleta. Register today!   Questions? Contact Scott Parker at (402) 334-6580 or

Members, ages 18+  – Limited to 24 participants
Members: $10  |  Non:$15  |  code: 06-0605


New! Introductory Sessions

New to Pilates Reformer? Try it out with a new introductory session. Each 35 minute session will be led by one of our certified Pilates Instructors. Members will be taken through a series of basic exercises on the reformer. Sessions will be held in the new Pilates Studio. Sessions are open to Members who have not yet participated in our Pilates Training program.

Sessions are $10 for Members. There is a maximum of 5 per session. Call (402) 334-6426 to reserve your spot.

12:00 p.m. Tuesdays
April 5     code: 06-0405
April 19   code: 06-04019
May 3      code: 06-0503
May 17    code: 06-0517
June 21    code: 06-0621

5:00 p.m. Wednesdays
April 13    code: 06-0413
April 27    code: 06-0427
May 11    code: 06-0511
May 25    code: 06-0525
June 8      code: 06-0608
June 22    code: 06-0622

8:00 a.m. Thursdays
April 21     code: 06-0421A
May 19     code: 06-0519A
June 23    code: 06-0623A

12:00 p.m. Thursdays
April 7     code: 06-0407
April 21   code: 06-0421
May 5      code: 06-0505
May 19    code: 06-0519
June 2      code: 06-0602
June 23    code: 06-0623

* Introductory sessions are open to Members who have not yet participated in our Pilates Training program. There is a limit of 1 session per member

Private Training

Private Pilates training is personal training for one person. Our certified Pilates Instructors will guide you through a customized and challenging workout to help you reach your fitness goals. Sessions are true one-on-one training and may be individualized to fit your specific needs. Workouts are typically done on the reformer. Talk to your instructor to inquire about other equipment options.

Semi-Private Training
Semi-private training is for two people. Our certified Pilates Instructors guides participants through a customized and challenging workout. Sessions can be focused on the areas or skills that participants are looking to develop. Workouts are typically done on the reformer. Talk to your instructor to inquire about other equipment options.
Small Group Training

Small Group Pilates training is for three to six people. Small class size ensures close supervision and attention from your certified instructor. Classes are customized to your interests. Workouts are typically done on the reformer. Talk to your instructor to inquire about other equipment options. Members may form their own group or join an existing one. Small Group Pilates Training options include:

• Classic Pilates Small Group Training
Classic Reformer, mat, chair, or tower exercises will give you a total body workout. All levels are welcome. Workouts can be customized to your interest.

• Restorative Small Group Reformer Training
Restorative Pilates Reformer has a special focus on posture, joint health, maintaining strength and maintaining motion.

You must purchase a Pilates class card prior to joining a small group class. Class cards are purchased at Member Services. Training is open to JCC Members, ages 16+. Call (402) 334-6472 to obtain current class times and reserve a spot.

Start Up Special

Whether you are looking to build strength, lose fat, or boost health, Pilates reformer Training can help. Our Start Up Special is available to anyone who has not yet tried our Pilates Reformer Training. Sessions are tailored to your goals. Private and Semi-Private Personal Training is offered in 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Private Pilates Reformer Training
Three 30 Minute Sessions   |  $115
Three 60 Minute Sessions   |  $189

Semi-Private Personal Training
Three 30 Minute Sessions   |  $89
Three 60 Minute Sessions   |  $150
(Semi-Private Training is for 2 people)

Contact Member Services at (402) 334-6426 to purchase. Once purchased, call the Trainers Line at (402) 334-6423 to schedule.

Only members who have never before participated in Pilates Reformer Training are eligible. Limit 1 per member. Expires 6 months from date of purchase.


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