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Group Exercise Classes

FREE weekly classes for Members, Ages 16+

Due to limited capacity, reservations will be now be required for all Group Ex classes. Registration can be completed through the links on the live schedule below. Review the schedule carefully, as many class locations have changed.

Signing Up For a Class

In order to attend a Group Exercise class, we encourage you to reserve your spot in advance. You can do this by clicking “Sign Up” under the class of your choice. Members will have the option to be put on the waitlist if the class is full.

If you need to cancel, please do so ASAP through the website. To cancel on the website, click “Sign up” under the class you have reserved. It will then give you the option to “Cancel Reservation”.

Classes open for reservation one week in advance.

Walk-ins are accepted if the class is not fully booked.  Waitlist members have first priority to empty slots.

If you do not arrive within 5 minutes of the class start time your spot could be given to a waitlist or walk-in member.  Please be on time!


Receive Notifications of Schedule Changes on Your Phone!
Stay in the know. Get class updates and cancellation notifications by text message. To receive these messages on your phone, simply send a text with the message @jccgx2 to the number 81010

New Protocol in Effect

In order to adhere with covid capacity limits, all Group Ex classes now require a reservation. Reservations can be made on the Group Ex page of our website.

Both the small and large Group Exercise Studios will be available for class use only. Class sizes will be limited based on location. Locations have been measured out according to social distancing guidelines and the understanding that members will be active during classes. As always, Group Ex. Classes are FREE to Members, ages 16+. Members, ages 6+, are allowed in “kid” classes. Parents do not have to attend with their child, but must remain on campus.

If a member reserves a spot but needs to cancel prior to that class time, they may do so without penalty. We will strongly encourage members that if they need to cancel, they do so through the website so that other members may reserve their spots prior to class start time.

Reservations for classes can be made a week before that date. Reservations will remain open until the class begins or until maximum capacity has been reached.

Class sizes will be limited based on location. Locations have been measured out according to social distancing guidelines and the understanding that members will be moving around during classes.
The maximum capacities are as listed:
Large Group Ex Studio: 14 spots
Small Group Ex Studio: 7 spots
Mind Body Studio: 8 spots
Basketball Gymnasium: 20 spots

If a class is fully booked, members can choose to be added to the waitlist. Each class will have a waitlist of 5 spots. If a Member is added to the class from the waitlist, they will receive an email notification indicating that they have been added to the class.

Walk-ins will only be allowed to join a class if the class is not fully booked online. The class instructor can check the reservation list to see if spots are available for waitlist members/walk-ins who arrive at the time of the class. If the class is fully booked and all participants are present, walk-ins will not be allowed to join the class.

If a class is fully booked online, waitlisted/walk-in Members who arrive at class time may only be added to the class if a member who has reserved a spot does not show up within the first 5 minutes of class. If the member with the reservation does not arrive within 5 minutes, they lose their spot.

Members on the waitlist have priority over walk-ins. If multiple waitlisted members attempt to join a fully-booked class, they may only join if spots become available after 5 minutes and must respect the waitlist order (1st on the waitlist would get priority over 2nd-5th).

All Members must access the facility through the main Fitness Center / Member Services entrance. This is the ONLY access point to the Group Exercise studios. All upstairs entrances are closed.

Members MUST bring their Membership ID for check in.

Drinking fountains are NOT available at this time, but the bottle fillers will be. Please bring plastic water bottles only.

We strongly encourage wearing a mask when in out facility, before or after your workout. You do not have to wear a mask when working out.

All participants will have a designated area taped off when participating in classes in Group Ex studios. Participants of classes held in the basketball gymnasium will be asked to space themselves according to social distancing guidelines.

We ask you bring your own mat for yoga, mat pilates and PiYo classes. Certain yoga props (bolsters, blankets, etc) will not be available for the time being.

All participants will be asked to wipe down their equipment before and after class.

As part of the Virtual J, we will continue to have 5 virtual classes on Facebook Live each week.

Limited, morning only, Fit & Sit hours will be available with RESERVATION. Hours and protocol have changed. Call (402) 334-6426 to reserve your spot in Fit & Sit.

Class Guidelines & Etiquette
Group Ex Guidelines
  • Group Exercise classes are FREE for all JCC Members
  • Please read the class descriptions to learn more about the intensity and scope of each class.
  • Classes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Locations vary per class
  • When maximum capacity for a class is reached, we cannot allow anyone else into the class. To secure a spot, we recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early
  • Parents who have children attending Kids Boot Camp do not need to attend class with their child, but they must remain on campus.
Class Etiquette
  • Medical clearance from your physician, prior to starting any exercise program, is highly recommended.
  • If you are new to a class, speak with the Instructor beforehand. They can provide any details you may need to know.
  • If you are waiting for a class to begin, please do not enter the Group Exercise room until the current class has finished.
  • Be on time and arrive early to classes that need set up. If you are late, take a spot at the back of class and do your best not to disrupt.
  • Wear appropriate workout clothes. Sneakers worn in the Group Exercise room should be different from your street shoes.
  • Be mindful of personal hygiene. Refrain from wearing strong scents
  • All water must be in unbreakable containers. Food is not allowed.
  • Keep conversation to a minimum. Cell phones must be turned to silent or vibrate.
  • All equipment used (mats, balls, steps, etc.) should be cleaned and  returned to their storage location when class ends
  • Class participants must be 16+ years of age or attending a family with an adult (ages 10+) or kids class (ages 6+).
Class Descriptions
Read full class descriptions to learn more about the intensity and scope of each class.

If you are having trouble registering for classes USE THIS LINK!

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