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Summer Fun Days

Daily Programs for Members & Non Members, K-7th Grade

Summer Fun Days offer the same engaging activities, but allow for greater flexibility in scheduling, as per-day registration is available. Summer Fun Days are open to Members and Non Members in K-7th grade. They are offered the week of July 4th and post-camp. Register for the entire week or individual days. If you have questions on your registration status, please email

Summer Fun Day Details

  • Open to JCC Members & Non Members, K-7th grade
  • Summer Fun Days run 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • Registration is per day
  • SFDs are held at the Jewish Community Center of Omaha
  • Before & After Care is available. Additional registration is required.


Members……$40 per day

Non Members….$52 per day

Before & After Care requires additional registration. See the “Add On & Extras” section below for details.

June - July

Monday, June 29   |   Mitzvah Day
A mitzvah is a good deed. Today we will spend the day doing good and spreading cheer around the J.
Code: 09-0629 | +B/A Care: 09-0629BA

Tuesday, June 30   |   Myth Busters
What is a myth and what is true? Is it possible to keep a paper towel dry in water? Can you drop an egg without it cracking? Find out today as we complete fun experiments.
Code: 09-0630 | +B/A Care: 09-0630BA

Wednesday, July 1   |   Backwards Day
Come wearing your clothes backwards…walk backwards,
talk backwards…. today EVERYTHING will be backwards!
Code: 09-0701 | +B/A Care: 09-0701BA

Thursday, July 2   |   ‘Merica
It’s America…without the ‘A’! Today we’ll get ready for the 4th and celebrate all of the things that make America great.
Code: 09-0702 | +B/A Care: 09-0702BA

Friday, July 3   |   Youth Department Closed
The Youth Department will be closed for Independence Day.

Monday, August 10   |   Construction Zone
It’s all about construction. We’ll build a great day with fun games and construction themed projects.
Code: 09-0810 | +B/A Care: 09-0810BA

Tuesday, August 11  |   Homerun!
It’s a great day for baseball. We’ll go to a Storm Chasers game and knock this day out of the park.
Code: 09-0811 | +B/A Care: 09-0811BA

Wednesday, August 12   |   Last Chance Camp
It’s all of the fun of J Camp packed into one day. Enjoy summer camp crafts, activities, treats and more.
Code: 09-0812 | +B/A Care: 09-0812BA

Thursday, August 13   |   Rock the Vote!
What will we do today? Decide through a popular vote. We’ll vote on nominated activity ideas to determine our day.
Code: 09-0813 | +B/A Care: 09-0813BA

Friday, August 14   |   Finally Friday
Celebrate the end of a great summer with fun projects and games. It’s Pizza Friday! Register for the $5 pizza lunch.
Code: 09-0814 | +B/A Care: 09-0814BA | +Pizza Friday: 09-0814P

Add Ons & Extras

Summer Fun Day Before & After Care
Summer Fun Day participants that need to be dropped off before the 9:00 a.m. or picked up after the 4:00 p.m. have the option of registering for Before & After Care.

  • Before Care runs from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
  • After Care runs from 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Registration is per day
  • Pick up and drop off will be outdoors near the JCC Pavilion (at the back of campus)
  • A prepackaged snack is included for Before Care participants
  • A prepackaged afternoon snacks are included for those children in After Care.
  • Price is per child and in addition to the cost of the Summer Fun Day

Member & Non: +$10 / day


Pizza Fridays

Due to covid-19, Pizza Fridays have been cancelled. Children should bring their lunch in a 100% disposable container. Containers will NOT be sent home at the end of the day.


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