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Below are Frequently Asked Questions by department. If you have additional questions not answered by the information below, please contact Member Services at (402) 334-6426 or Laura Wine at 

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Facility & General Information FAQ

Current at of 11/24/20


Q: Will the Fitness Center have modified hours?
At this time, we are operating at normal hours. Click here to see our current hours.

Q: Are the locker rooms open?
Yes. The locker rooms are available. Showers, restrooms, and lockers will be available. Towel service will be provided in the indoor locker rooms. Please place all used towels in designated drop areas before exiting the locker room. Locker room locations will be the same as they were before the closure. Per construction – all men will use the upstairs women’s health spa. All women will use the downstairs women’s locker room.

Q: Is the basketball gymnasium open?
Yes. Limited open gym hours will be available, depending on programming. View the current gymnasium schedule here. We ask that all members bring their own basketballs, as we will not be providing equipment.

Q: Will guests be allowed?
Yes. Guests are allowed but MUST check in with a Member Services associate.

Q: What can I bring with me?
Please wear a mask. We also ask that all members try to limit the amount of personal items they bring with them. We will NOT hold items at the Member Services Desk. Please plan accordingly.


Q: Can I still check out equipment from the Member Services Desk?
No. Equipment will not be available for check out until further notice.

Q: Can I store my items at the Member Services Desk?
No. No items will be allowed to be stored at member services please plan accordingly for your visit.

Q: Is there still a Lost & Found area?
There will be a lost and found area however all items will be moved to a storage area at the end of each day. All items left at the J will be taken to a donation center on a weekly basis.

Q: Is Fit & Sit open?
Yes. Morning hours of Fit & Sit are available. Advanced reservations are required.

Q: Can I drop my kids off at the J?
Due to COVID-19 and school closures, we are re-instating the JCC Minor Usage policy. This policy states: No member under the age of 16 years will be able to use JCC facilities unless they are
1) accompanied by a parent OR
2) registered for an existing JCC program, which includes; swim lessons, dance lessons, piano lessons, JCC basketball league, and/or youth department programs
3) have a private, semi-private, or small group session with a personal trainer


Q: Do you have enhanced safety protocol?
Yes. In addition to following the State of Nebraska Health Department, Douglas County, and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, The J is implementing extra precautions to help our community stay safe and healthy. This includes extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing practices within each of our classes, programs, and facility areas.

Q: What other safety measure are being taken?
– Mandatory face masks for staff in building common areas.
– Sneeze guards have been installed at the Member Services Desk.
– We are strictly adhering to limits on the number of individuals entering the facility, based on capacity guidelines by state government.
– We have implemented the temporary closure of certain areas within the building where social distancing is difficult to maintain.
– Staff are required to wear a mask when working closely with others, take their temperatures daily and stay home if ill.
– All Members are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask during the check-in process, before their  workout, after their workout, and when exiting the facility.
– We are observing enhanced cleaning protocols, but still ask that members also wipe down all equipment, machines, and other surfaces BEFORE and AFTER use using the cleaning supplies provided.
– We encourage frequent hand washing.
– We have additional hand sanitation stations throughout the facility. Please use them.

Q: What are your cleaning protocols?
– We will be cleaning all high touch points frequently
– We ask that members also wipe down all equipment, machines, and other surfaces BEFORE and AFTER use using the cleaning supplies provided.
– Nightly deep cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment.
– Additional and routine training with all staff on proper cleaning and sanitation techniques.
– Hand sanitizers placed at facility entrances and throughout the building.
– Sanitizing stations have been place throughout the fitness center floor with sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer.


Fitness Center FAQ

Current as of 11/24/20

Q: What portions of Fitness Center are opening and when?
As of now, all areas of the Fitness Center are open. We are following the current occupancy restrictions of 25% capacity. For our fitness center, that equates to about 100 people at one time. The high ceilings and a ventilation system with a Merv filter rating of 13 also helps circulate the air in a similar manner to being outside. The exercise machines are set up for social distancing as well as regular sanitizing of the fitness equipment. In addition, a limited number of participants (through a reservation system) can attend group exercise classes. We recommend participants wear masks when possible in these classes.

Q: How will my experience be different?
– In addition to following the State of Nebraska Health Department, Douglas County, and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, The J is implementing extra precautions to help our community stay safe and healthy. This includes extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing practices within each of our classes, programs, and facility areas.
– To adhere to capacity limits, reservations are now required for all in person Group Exercise classes.
– Programs, equipment and amenities may be reduced as needed. We will strictly adhere to the recommended 6′ physical distancing guidelines when using equipment and weights. In observance of this, cardio machines / equipment use will be staggered to every other machine.
– There will be no “hands-on” components to Personal Training – meaning trainers will not touch members to to adjust form or posture.
– Drinking fountains will not be available, but the bottle fillers will be available.
– We will operate with enhanced cleaning protocol, but we still ask that  you clean and sanitize the equipment you are using before and after each use. We will also have extra hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.

Q: What will my workout look like?
We ask that you please continue to social distance, wipe down machines before AND after use, use hand sanitizing stations and consider wearing a mask before and after your workout.

Q: What items can I bring with me?
– All members Must bring their Membership ID cards.
– We ask that Members do their best to limit any personal items they bring with them. We will NO LONGER hold personal items at the Member Services Desk. Please plan accordingly.
– The drinking fountains will not be in use. Members may bring a refillable plastic water bottle if they wish.
– Towel service will be available in the Fitness Center.
– Members registered for a Group Exercise class such as Yoga or Pilates are encouraged to bring their own mat.

Q: Are Group Exercise classes being held?
Yes! Group Exercise classes are being held but RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. We will also continue to have Facebook live classes and on demand options via the Virtual J.

Q: Is JFIT being held?
Not quite yet – but we are hopeful that JFIT will resume soon.

Q: Will the walking tracks be available?
The walking track in the Fitness Center will be available. The walking track in the basketball gymnasium gym is available during open gymnasium hours.

Q: Is Fit & Sit open?
Yes. Please note that new protocol are in place. Please review all of the details here. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. To make a reservation please call Member Services at (402) 334-6426.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask when I workout?
All those on our campus MUST wear a mask at all times unless actively working out, swimming, or showering. View more here.

Q: Will my trainer / the staff be wearing masks?
Your trainer will be wearing a mask while on the fitness center floor and in any of the personal training studios.

Q: What is the cleaning protocol for the Fitness Center?
The fitness center is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected.  We clean all equipment and high touch points frequently. Each night we will complete another thorough cleaning of all equipment and high touch points.


In order to adhere with Covid capacity limits, all Group Ex classes now require a reservation. Class sizes will be limited based on location. Locations have been measured out according to social distancing guidelines and the understanding that members will be moving around during classes.
The maximum capacities are as listed:
 Large Group Ex Studio: 14  / Small Group Ex Studio: 7  / Spin Studio: 6 / Basketball Gymnasium: 20

Q: How do I make a reservation for Group Ex classes?
A: Reservations can be made by clicking the “Sign Up” tab located under the class of your choice on the live Group Ex schedule. Reservations can also be made through the JCC App.

Q: What if I need to cancel my reservation?
A: If a member reserves a spot but needs to cancel prior to that class time, they may do so without penalty. If you need to cancel, please do so ASAP through the App / website. To cancel on the website, click “Sign up” under the class you have reserved. It will then give you the option to “Cancel Reservation”.

Q: When can I begin to register?
A: Classes open for reservation one week in advance. Reservations will remain open until the class begins or until maximum capacity has been reached.

Q: What if the class is full? 
A: If a class is fully booked, members can choose to be added to the waitlist. Each class will have a waitlist of 5 spots. If a Member is added to the class from the waitlist, they will receive an email notification indicating that they have been added to the class.

Q: Are walk-in accepted?
A: Walk-ins are only accepted if the class is not fully booked.  Waitlist members have first priority to empty slots.

Q: What if I’m late for class?
A: If you do not arrive within 5 minutes of the class start time your spot could be given to a waitlist or walk-in member.  Please be on time! If a class is fully booked online, waitlisted / walk-in Members who arrive at class time may only be added to the class if a member who has reserved a spot does not show up within the first 5 minutes of class. If the member with the reservation does not arrive within 5 minutes, they lose their spot. Waitlist members have priority over walk-ins.

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: We ask you bring your own mat for yoga, mat pilates and PiYo classes. Certain yoga props (bolsters, blankets, etc) will not be available for the time being. We also ask that all members strongly encourage wearing face masks before and after their workout. Limited equipment will be available for use during group ex classes. We ask that all members help us by cleaning their equipment BEFORE & AFTER use.



Aquatic Reservation FAQ

Updated 7/7/20


Q: What are the hours for the pool?
You can find a current listing of hours here.

Q: How do I make a reservation?
Reservations are required for Family Swim times in the Baker Family Leisure Pool on Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations can be made via our website. You will receive a confirmation email. Bring your membership card and confirmation email with you. You will receive TWO email confirmations. One will have a bar code to be scanned and one will have check in procedures.

Q: When can I make a reservation for a swim time? 
Reservations for Saturday times open at 10 a.m. the Thursday prior. Sunday reservations open at 10 a.m. the Friday prior. Designated time slots are available for weekend reservations.

Q: How many individuals are allowed per time slot?
Each reservation time can accommodate 80 members.

Q: How long is my time slot?
A: Open Family Swim Sessions will last 90 minutes.

Q: What if I missed or am late for my scheduled time?
If you are late you will have two options:
1) After your check in you can head to your scheduled session. Your session will still end at that of the reservation time. You will not be allowed to extend your time.
2) Cancel the reservation and make a new reservation at a later time.

Q: What if I need to cancel my reservation?
Should you need to cancel your reservation, a link in your initial confirmation email will allow you to do so.

Q: Where do I go to check in?
Currently, the ONLY entrance to the JCC is through the Southwest Entrance / Entrance 1. Please check in with the Member Services associate working at the desk. Please bring your Membership ID card.

Q: What will the check in process look like?
Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation to complete the check in process. (If you are late, you will still have to leave at the reservation ending time.) If there is a line, members will be asked to line up 6’ apart. We ask that members please wear a mask. Please remember to have your confirmation email (OR code on your phone or printed version) ready to be scanned a JCC staff member.

Q: What if I don’t have a smart phone for check in?
If you do not have a smart phone you can print off the QR code. If you need additional assistance, please call the member services desk at (402) 334-6426.

Q: Is the Family Changing Area Open?
Yes. The Family Changing Area is available. This space, located just off of the indoor lap pool, features five large and private stalls. Each stall is complete with a sink, soap and paper towels, toilet, shower, and diaper changing station. Lockers and additional sinks are located in the main area of the changing area as well.

Q: Will there be towel service?
Yes. Towel service will be available unless otherwise noted.

Q: What can I bring with me?
We ask that you try to limit the amount of personal items you bring with you. Refillable plastic water bottles are allowed, but any other outside food and drink is not allowed. Glass containers are not allowed.


Youth Department / Fit & Sit FAQ

Current as of 11/24/20

Q: What is the cleaning protocol for the youth department?
Youth facilities will undergo thorough cleaning each day. Our staff is consistently cleaning and disinfecting all areas and supplies used by children. Throughout the day JCC Housekeeping staff also cleans the high touch points such as door handles, light switches, tables and chairs.

Q: How will my experience be different? What is being done to keep my child safe?
As of now, the Youth Department is holding programs with capacity limits and Covid protocols in place. We will continue to monitor the recommendations from the CDC, state and local health department to change any policies necessary to keep out staff and children safe.

Q: Does my child need to wear a mask?
Masks for those ages 5 and over are requested, unless your child is actively engaging in physical activity.

Q: Will staff be wearing masks?
Staff will be wearing masks when in close proximity of children, preparing food, administering minor first aid and when traveling through the hallways.

Q: Are all of the amenities in the Youth Lounge still available?
We will have all items available to children registered in the Youth Department programs.  These items are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Q: Can I still book a birthday party?
No. We are not currently booking birthday parties, but hope to bring this service back soon.

Q: Can I send my child with personal items / what do I need to send with my child?
We have always asked children to refraining from bringing items from home, this is still the case and even more important during COVID-19.

Q: Will snacks be provided?
We provide snack for Kidz Inn and school breaks specials every afternoon. These snacks will be prepackaged whenever possible.


Q: Is Fit & Sit open?
A: Yes. Fit & Sit is open from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Sundays through Saturdays. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Members may make a reservation by calling Members Services at (402) 334-6426. If registered for Fit & Sit, please have your child arrive freshly diapered and/or have recently used the restroom.

Q: Who can use Fit & Sit?
A: Fit &Sit is open to those with Family level memberships only. Children ages 6 weeks – 8 years are welcome. Members are only allowed to register for ONE session of Fit & Sit per child per day. All parents / guardians MUST remain on campus while their child(ren) are in our care.

Q: When does registration open?
A: Registration will open one day in advance of the desired session.

Q: What is the capacity limit per session?
A: Each session can have 20 children max (limit of three aged 18 months and younger per session.)

Q: Where is Fit & Sit held?
A: Fit & Sit is held upstairs in the Youth Department.

Q: What items can I send with my child?
A: At this time we are limiting the amount of items brought from home, please bring only what is necessary.





Sports & Rec FAQ

Current as of 12/15/20

Q: Is the basketball gymnasium open?
Yes. Open gym availability depends on our programming schedule.  View the current gymnasium schedule here. We ask that all members bring their own basketballs, as we will not be providing equipment. Children ages 16 and under are NOT allowed to be dropped off at the JCC unattended. An adult must be remain on campus with them.

Q: Are drop-in adult recreational ports taking place? 
Yes. Adult sports are being held.

Q: What is the cleaning protocol for the gym?
The gymnasium facilities undergo frequent thorough cleanings. Then during each day the staff will consistently clean and disinfect all areas.  Throughout the day JCC Housekeeping, staff will clean high touch points such as door handles, light switches, tables and chairs.

Q: Can parents wait and watch classes or lessons?
At this time parents are NOT allowed to view practices or classes in the gym. Parents may watch from the windows.

Q: Are private basketball lessons being held?
Yes. Private basketball lessons are available.  Please contact Jonathan Crossley, Assistant Sports & Rec Director, at

Q: Will the walking track in the basketball gymnasium be available?
Yes. The walking track in the gym will be available during open gymnasium hours.

Q: Is Taekwondo being held?
Yes. Taekwondo is available.

Q: Is staff wearing masks?
Staff will be wearing masks when checking campers in and out each day, when preparing food, when administering any minor first aid, when in close proximity to campers during activities and when they are passing through the hallways in the JCC building.

Membership FAQ

Current as of 11/24/20

Q: Where do I enter the building?
The main entrance (Member Services entrance) to the Phil Sokolof Fitness Center is now temporarily closed for renovation work to the Member Services Desk. This temporary closure is estimated to last until late December. During this time, all individuals coming to our facility MUST enter through the South Entrance/Entrance1. The South Entrance/Entrance 1 is on the southwest area of campus (indicated on map). This will be the only access point to the facility. All members and visitors should use the parking lot closest to this entrance. Learn more.

Q: Can I schedule a tour?
Yes, we are currently allowing tours of the facility.  Please see the virtual tours available here.

Q: Is the renovation on schedule?
Yes. Work continues on the renovation of the men’s and women’s locker rooms, men’s and women’s health spas, Member Services entrance, Theater, and front entrance. Recently completed spaces include the group exercise rooms, indoor aquatic complex, family changing area, Pilates studio, Mind-Body Studio, dance studios, dance lobby, music / vocal studios and upper level restrooms. 

Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center FAQs

Current as of 511/24/20

Due to the frequently shifting guidelines, we ask that you contact the Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center directly to receive the most current policies.
Front Desk: (402) 334-6413

Q: Can children come and go during the day for i.e. doctor’s appointments?
Yes, however children will be screened upon re-entry and subject to the same protocols as drop off. We encourage parents to schedule appointments at the beginning or ending of the day to minimize this practice. As always, we encourage parents to minimize contact with people outside of their immediate family whenever possible.

Q: What happens if a staff or student tests positive?
The JCC, with the Douglas County Department of Health has developed plan to mitigate other infections. This involves informing all camp parents of a positive result, letting those within the cohorting group know and a complete disin-fecting and sanitizing of all areas that could have become contaminated.

If you receive notification that a student or staff member has tested positive you should do the following:

  • Be alert for symptoms.
  • Watch for fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Take you temperature if symptoms develop.
  • Practice social distancing. Maintain 6 feet of distance from others and stay out of crowded places.
  • Follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop.
  • The safety of all students, staff, and members is our biggest concern and we will take every means possible to protect everyone on our campus.

Q: Will we pay for the days the CDC is closed for a positive case?
There will be no refunds issued if the CDC is closed for 14 days (including weekends) or less. Refunds or credits for a closure beyond 14 days will be subject to review of the conditions.

Q: If children need to miss 7+ days due to illness, particularly Covid-19, will there be any credit to tuition?

Q: Will kids be going to other parts of the larger campus?
CDC students will not be leaving the CDC portion of the campus, which includes the playground and green spaces surrounding our building. We will not be using the gym, vising the Blumkin Home, or taking walks around the campus.

Q: Will staff be going back and forth?
CDC staff will be permitted to leave the building during their lunch breaks. If a staff member chooses to leave the building, which includes leaving the CDC to visit other parts of the campus, they will be subjected to the same screening procedures mentioned above upon reentry.

Q: Can parents ever come in to visit and see how things are going in the rooms?
Not at this time, per Center for Disease Control guidelines and best practices.

Q: What PPE are the teachers given? When will it be worn?
All campus staff are required to wear masks whenever they are within 6 feet of another employee or in a common area of the campus (i.e. not in a private office). Our teachers have been provided with masks and we will have a quantity on hand to replenish as needed.

Any teacher who regularly comes in direct contact (feeding, diapering, infant care, etc.) with a child will be provided with a protective layer (blanket, jacket, over shirt, etc) to be used as a barrier against bodily fluids. We will also be providing scrub jackets for all staff who choose to wear them.

All staff are required to bring a change of clothes each day, so they can change, if needed. Children will be required to have additional clothing on hand for the same reason. We encourage each child to have their own spare clothing, rather than relying on a communal supply.

Performing Arts FAQ

Current as of 11/24/20

Q: What is the cleaning protocol for the dance studios / cultural arts department?
Floors will be mopped on a daily basis.  Days where there are morning classes or early afternoon classes, the floors will be mopped after those morning/early afternoon classes before our evening classes begin.  Ballet barres will also be cleaned at the same frequency and additionally between every afternoon/evening class.  This is why we are allowing 15minutes between all classes.

Q:How will my experience be different?
You’ll still be greeted with our warm inviting faces, just with masks on. All staff will wear masks. All individuals in our building MUST wear a mask. Those waiting will be asked to maintain the 6ft social distance from others while in the lobby.  In class, we ask that each person comes only with what they absolutely need in a small bag.  Please use the hand sanitizer by the door on your way in and out of the studio.  Bags will not be placed in cubbies, they will be set at the barre on markers that indicate the 6ft of social distance.  Markings have been made on the barres and on the floor so that students know where to stand.  Teachers will continue to wear masks while teaching.

Q: Can I still take classes via zoom?
Yes, all classes will be offered via Zoom. Please contact us at (402) 334-6406 for full details on this option.

Q: Does my dancer have to wear a mask?
Yes. Masks are required for all participating students, ages 5+. Masks are strongly recommended for participants ages 5 and under.

Q: Will the instructors wear a mask?
Yes. Teachers will continue to wear masks while teaching.

Q: Can I still sit in the dance lobby and watch classes on the monitor? (toys still available for kids in lobby?)
Yes. You must wear a mask. We also ask that you remain 6 feet apart from others. There will be no toys or books in our lobby at this time.

Q: Will there be a musical theater performance?
Our Musical Theater program has shifted to non-musical theatrical performances. When possible, Musical Theater will return.

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