Stern Scholarship Loan Fund

The Jewish Federation of Omaha’s Financial Aid Committee administers the Benjamin & Elizabeth ‘Bess’ Stern Scholarship Loan Fund.  The committee is pleased to announce that substantial interest-free loans are available for Jewish graduate students, regardless of geographic origin. 

This need-based fund was created to make academic loans available to graduate level students in the following fields:

  • mathematics, physics, astronomy, meteorology, astrophysics, engineering or a field related to any of the foregoing
  • journalism, including photo journalism
  • finance and economics
  • architecture and related fields, including city planning
  • classical music (limited to piano, flute, cello and violin)
  • scientific research in rare and incurable human diseases

Loan recipients need not be residents of Omaha but must be Jewish and must attend the University of Nebraska Omaha, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, or Creighton University. In the fields of architecture, astronomy, and meteorology, recipients may attend the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

To apply for the Benjamin & Elizabeth ‘Bess’ Stern Scholarship Loan Fund, complete this application in full.

Awards are interest-free loans, payable in full over 15 years, beginning one year after graduation.


Applications must be submitted by June 30, 2021 for this special offering, for use in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Questions? Contact:
Diane Walker
(402) 334-6551