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The Jewish Federation of Omaha is charged with administering the allocation and distribution of scholarship and financial assistance funds entrusted to the community for the benefit of Omaha’s Jewish community. This duty includes the guarantee of confidentiality to the applicants and their families in conjunction with the diligent stewardship of community funds. On an annual basis, the community allocates dollars for financial aid and scholarship. Award decisions are based on the financial need of applicants, the number of requests, and the amount of funds available. All financial aid and scholarship awards require an annual application.

Applications for reduced JCC Membership and/or JFS Assistance:
This is not your application! Please use the JFS Financial Assistance Application.

New Instructions for Applications Involving Applicants with Divorced or Separated Parents
  1. The application must be signed by each parent:
    (a) with whom the applicant resides as a member of that parent’s household;

    (b) who claims the applicant as a deduction on that parent’s tax return; and

    (c) who provides any financial support to the applicant.

    Each parent that qualifies under (a), (b), and/or (c), must also supply financial information, including the required copy of that parent’s tax return.
  2. If there is joint custody, the application must be signed by each parent and each must supply financial information, including the required copy of each parent’s tax return.

  3. If a parent is obligated by judicial decree to provide support and fails to do so, then that should be noted in the application.

  4. Parents who are divorced, separated, or otherwise involved in a domestic dispute, must understand that the Financial Aid Committee is concerned solely with the welfare of all the applicant children of our community who seek financial assistance for scholarship purposes. While the Financial Aid Committee will maintain its historic policy of confidentiality, it will not be made a participant in any dispute between parents, including, but not limited to, any effort by one parent to conceal information from another parent, or by one parent to embarrass another parent. If an application is filed with the Financial Aid Committee, the Committee has the right to receive and utilize all information it believes necessary or desirable for it to make its determinations. The Financial Aid Committee and its staff shall not be responsible for or liable to any parent or other person regarding or arising out of any information that is supplied or requested involving any application for financial assistance. A submission of an application shall be recognition of the foregoing.

Your completed application is due by March 4, 2024 to be considered for awards for programs in the Summer of 2024 and the academic year 2024-2025.

Any missing information will delay the application process and the ability to make a decision on your behalf. Applications are reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee with a determination made by April 1, 2024. You will receive notification in the mail of an award or denial.

Questions? Contact:
Diane Walker
(402) 334-6551


Funding for financial aid and scholarships is provided through the Annual Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Omaha, endowment funds of the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation and other grant entities.