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School Day at the J

Members & Non Members, K-6th

The goal of School Day at the J is to provide a safe, educational childcare option for kids enrolled in a remote learning program.
Questions? Contact Amanda Welsh at (402) 590-2152.


We are committed to provide a welcoming and engaging space where children will be guided in their assigned schoolwork with a Nebraska state certified teacher. Our teachers will follow a consistent schedule of classroom style learning. We will not be providing curriculum but we will be helping your child navigate the curriculum provided by the school district or school in which they are enrolled.

Our daily schedules will remain consistent each day your child is in attendance to maintain the structure children need. We will be available to assist them with logging onto their devices and educational software, make sure assignments are completed, provide re-teaching or aid in the learning of new concepts. We will accommodate each child’s schedule of live instruction, so we request each week’s schedule of Zoom calls, Teams calls or Google Meets.

The safety of your children and our staff are of the highest priority, for this matter we will be following the below safety measures:

  • All children and staff will wear masks while indoors unless they are eating or engaging in active physical activities
  • Children will sit at opposite sides of a table, and will be 6 feet from each other
  • Each child will have their own bin of school supplies, hand sanitizer and 2 JCC provided masks
  • Shared materials and supplies will be cleaned and sanitized between uses.
  • Children will be put into consistent groups called co-horts, and these co-horts will be kept small and consistent.


7:30 am – 4:30 pm


FULL TIME (Monday – Friday)
……..…$640 / month
Non Members….$880 / month
Price is per child.

PART TIME (3 Days – M/T/W or W/Th/F)
……..…$320 / month
Non Members….$440 / month
Price is per child.

Meet Ms. Gilmore

Please welcome our School Day at the J, NE state certified teacher, Ms. Amanda Gilmore!
Ms. Gilmore comes to us with 34 years of experience working for Omaha Public Schools (Columbian Elementary 26 years, Minne Lusa Elementary 8 years). A fun fact about Ms. Gilmore is that she studied for one year at the Guild Teachers’ College in Sydney, Australia! Ms. Gilmore has a Bachelors of Science degree in Education with a Minor In Early Childhood Education from UNL.

Additional Information

Health Form
Parents must complete a Youth Health Form (for each child) and return it to the JCC Youth Department on or before the first day of the program. The Health Form should be updated every year. Download the 2020-2021 JCC Health Form HERE.
Unaccompanied Youth Policy
Until further notice: All children, ages 15 and under, MUST be accompanied by an adult when in our facility. This change took effect on Friday, March 13, 2020, and will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

All youth within our facility are expected to display appropriate behavior at all times. This includes:

  • Consideration of Others
  • Respect for the Facility & Staff
  • Utilization of Appropriate Language

Any youth who is not behaving in a respectful manner (as deemed by the JCC staff) will be asked to leave. Examples of unacceptable behaviors include: destruction of property, running through the halls, failure to follow staff directives, rowdiness, and use of foul language.

Parents / guardians of unaccompanied youth will immediately be contacted by a member of the JCC staff. They will be asked to promptly pick up their child from the facility.

If a child is sent home, JCC privileges may be suspended until a meeting is convened with the parent or guardian.

The JCC cannot be held responsible for members age 11 and over attending the JCC and not enrolled in an organized activity.

Unaccompanied youth are NOT allowed to hang-out in the following areas:

  • Locker Rooms
  • Front Lobby Entrance
  • Hallways
  • Art Gallery
  • Membership Services Entrance
  • Health Spa Entrance



  • When in any of the aquatic areas, children under the age of 12, must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children, under age 12, must also take a 25-meter swim test to determine their swim ability. Tests will be administered by a lifeguard. Children will be issued a wristband based on their results.
  • The minimum age to use the Fitness Center is 13. Teens ages 13–16 must go through a mandatory orientation to ensure a safe and effective workout.


Youth Department Discipline Policy

In order to facilitate a safe, secure, fun environment for all participants attending JCC Youth Department activities the following policy has been implemented. This policy is not intended to be activated for minor “misbehaving” infractions. On a daily basis, the JCC Youth Department works with children who are having a “bad day”. Those types of behaviors, where neither malice nor destructive outcomes were intended will continue to be addressed at the Supervisor/Child level. Time-outs and, in some situations, loss of choice activity will continue to be the discipline implemented.

The Youth Department Discipline Policy will be activated when:

1. The number of minor infractions has been excessive; and /or
2. The behavior constitutes a violation against other children or adults, including unwelcome intentional touching or grabbing of another child, explicit and offensive verbal remarks (either sexual in nature or general taunting), name calling, vulgar or identifiable unacceptable language, or other verbal or physical conduct in violation of the JCC Youth Department Code of Conduct; and/or
3. The behavior constitutes a violation against the JCC or other children’s property and/or
4. The behavior constitutes a safety issue either for the child themselves, other children, or staff. In the event this policy is activated for any child, written documentation will be kept by the Director of all applicable dates, decisions and agreements (including a plan of action if needed.)

The formal discipline policy is as follows:
1. All enrolled children and their parents/guardian will sign a Conduct Contract acknowledging their notice and understanding of our Code of Conduct, and the potential repercussions of negative behaviors.
2. Upon occurrence of the first serious offense which is significant in nature to bring to the attention of the Youth Director, will result in a private discussion between the Youth Director and the child. The child will also be removed from their choice of activity for the day. The parent will be notified of the negative behavior and will be advised that if the same or related behavior is repeated, a parent conference will be required. The director will notify JCC management.
3. If the behavior continues, the child will again be removed from the group activities and the parents will be notified of the need for a Parent/Child/Director conference before the child can return to the program.
4. If the behavior still continues, a parent conference will again be required, (either with or without the child at the parent’s discretion). The child may be suspended from the program for a period of time up to 3 days (at Director’s discretion). The child will then be allowed to continue in the program only after the director and parent have prepared and agreed upon a plan of achieving acceptable behavior in the child.
5. If, after all of these steps, the behavior continues, the child will only be allowed to continue in the program if a professional counselor is involved (at the parent’s expense) in modifying the negative behavior. At this point, the professional will be asked to recommend a time frame for compliance based on the situation. If a professional is not brought in, or the time frame set forth is expended, the child will be expelled from the program with a date for re-entry set by the Director.
Under extreme circumstances and/or in situations when that child or other children’s safety is at risk, the Youth Director, with agreement from the JCC Executive Director, has the authority to ask a child to leave the program without following the above procedure.



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