Staenberg Kooper Fellman Campus

Our Commitment to Your Well-being

The health and well-being of our Members and guests have always been of the utmost importance. To continue our commitment to cleanliness and to the community, we are following all state and local guidelines. We request that everyone within our facility carefully follow the guidelines set forth to help keep our community as safe and healthy as possible.


General Mask Policy

Per the citywide mask mandate, The Staenberg Omaha JCC requires all individuals to wear a face-covering while inside the building. This includes, but is not limited to, the time immediately before and after your workout, while moving around the building, while using the locker rooms, while observing children in programs, while using the pool deck, and upon entry and exit to our facility. We will have masks available if you forget yours. Masks are not required while you are actively engaging in physical activity within the fitness center, group exercise studios, gymnasium, while in the water of the indoor pool, or while showering. Although not required, individuals may wear a mask during their workout if they are comfortable doing so.

In addition to the mask mandate, we continue to adhere to the current occupancy restrictions of 25% capacity. For our fitness center, that equates to about 100 people at one time. The high ceilings and a ventilation system with a MERV filter rating of 13 also helps circulate the air in a similar manner to being outside. The exercise machines are set up for social distancing as well as regular sanitizing of the fitness equipment. In addition, a limited number of participants (through a reservation system) can attend group exercise classes. We recommend participants wear masks when possible in these classes.


Youth Mask Policies

All JFO/JCC staff are required to wear masks as they train and teach classes. Mask requirements for youth may vary, depending on the activity/program. In general, all youth are encouraged to wear masks whenever possible. Masks are required at the following times:
Dance Classes:  Masks are required for all participating students, ages 5+ and strongly recommended for participants ages 5 and under.
Kid Group Exercise Classes: Masks are required for all participants.
Youth Sports: View our  ‘Return to Play’ Policy here.

Questions? For full details on program specific mask policies, please contact the applicable Department Director. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding while we do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Member Services: (402) 334-6426
Performing Arts: (402) 334-6406
Sports & Rec: (402) 590-2144
Aquatics: (402) 334-6473
Youth Programs: (402) 590-2152


The JCC is Now Open

Our phased reopening is complete!
View our current facility hours here.

Know Before You Go

Current as of 10/1/20




  • Only Members, ages 16+ can use the Fitness Center.
  • All members MUST bring their Membership ID cards to gain access to the facility.
  • Guests are allowed. Review our Guest Policy here.
  • Full locker room use is now available.
  • Group Exercise classes now require a reservation. Online classes can also be found on the Virtual J.
  • Limited morning hours of Fit & Sit are available. Reservations are required.
  • All high touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently, but we still ask that you wipe down all equipment before and after use.
  • Please try to limit the amount of personal items you bring into the Fitness Center. You must keep all personal items with you or in a locker.
  • We will no longer hold personal items at the Member Services Desk. Please plan accordingly.
  • Towel service will be available in the Fitness Center. Small hand towels will be provided.
  • The drinking fountains will not be available, but the bottle fillers will be.
  • Mask must be worn at all times before and after your workout.
  • We have several hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility. Please use them!


Other Areas & Services

 In addition to following the State of Nebraska Health Department, Douglas County, and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, The J is implementing extra precautions to help our community stay safe and healthy. This includes extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing practices within each of our classes, programs, and facility areas.
What You Can Expect

Current as of 10/1/20

Mask Policy
It is mandatory that all individuals within our facility wear a face mask when not actively working out or engaging in other physical activities, such as basketball or swimming. Masks should be work up until the time your workout begins. Masks should be replaced immediately upon the conclusion of your workout. See full details above.

Social Distancing
We ask that all individuals within our facility do their best to maintain the recommended 6′ distance between themselves an others.

Capacity Limits
When necessary, we will enforce strict limits on the number of individuals allowed in certain areas at once. Capacity limits will be based on the size of the room being used. We may observe temporary closure of certain areas within the building if social distancing is difficult to maintain.

New Fixtures & Signage
Clear plexiglass sneeze guards have been installed at the Member Services Desk. We have posted signage to provide additional directions, spacing distances, protocols, etc. where needed.

Practice Good Hand Hygiene
Several new hand sanitizing stations have been placed at facility entrances and throughout the building. Please use them before and after coming in contact with any high touch surfaces.

Wipe Down Equipment Before & After Use
We are currently following enhanced cleaning protocols, but we still ask your help in keeping our equipment clean. Please use the provided cleaning supplies to wipe down any machine and/or equipment you use BOTH before and after your workout.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols
Our enhanced cleaning protocols include
• Machines and high-touch surfaces are sanitized frequently.
• Nightly deep cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment.
• Additional and routine training with all staff in regards to proper cleaning and sanitation techniques.

Mind Your Health
If you are feeling unwell, have a cough, fever, or any symptoms of Covid, please stay home.
Each day all staff will be required to take their temperature and answer a series of Covid related health screening questions before they enter the facility. If feeling ill staff will stay home.

New Fitness Center Protocol
• We have move equipment to new areas to allow for social distancing.
• No “hands-on” Personal Training to adjust form or posture.
• Sanitizing stations have been place throughout the fitness center floor with sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer.

Questions: Contact Laura Wine at 


What We Ask of You

Current as of 10/1/20

What We Ask of You

We are doing our very best to keep all of our members and staff safe. We kindly ask your participation in helping us achieve this goal by observing the updated Member Code of Conduct. Please carefully follow these guidelines to help keep the facilities and the entire community as safe and healthy as possible:

If Needed, Reserve A Time: Members must reserve spots for certain programs and services. Things currently requiring reservations are:
– Weekend Access to the Baker Family Leisure Pool (indoor). Reservations can be made here. For all aquatic reservations: Please bring your confirmation email (the one with the QR code) when checking in. Confirmation emails are accepted via your smart phone or as a printed out copy. Guests are not allowed at this time.
– In-Person Group Exercise Classes.  Reservations can be made through the live schedule or on the Omaha JCC app.
– Fit & Sit.  Reservations can be made by calling (402) 334-6426.

Check In: All Members MUST bring their Membership ID card to access the facility. Members will be asked a series of covid related questions when entering the facility. Please answer honestly and to the best of your ability. If you are not feeling well, stay home. If applicable, Members may also need to sign a waiver before entering our facility.

Use Designated Entrances & Exits: Please follow designated signage for the entrance and exit of rooms within the facility.

Limit Personal Items: Please try to limit personal items you bring with you. We will NO LONGER HOLD PERSONAL ITEMS AT THE DESK. Please plan accordingly.

Social Distance: We will follow the 6′ social distancing protocols as recommended by national and local government agencies. Please do your best to maintain a 6′ distance between yourself and others when in our facility.

Wear a Mask: All those within our facility must wear face mask unless they are actively working out. Members do not have to wear a mask when working out or swimming, but we do recommend wear a mask at all other times before and after your workout.

Clean Your Equipment: Please continue to wipe down any Fitness Center equipment you use. We ask that you wipe down machines and other high touch surfaces BEFORE and AFTER use, using the sanitation supplies provided.

Practice Hand Hygiene: We encourage frequent hand washing and sanitation. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
 and sanitize hands using the stations located throughout the facility.

Stay in Permitted Areas: Please refrain from entering areas of the facility that are not currently open

Mind Your Health: Take your temperature frequently; if you are running a temperature, exhibiting flu-like symptoms, have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19, or generally not feeling well, please stay home and use the Virtual J.

As a valued and loyal J Member, please take the health and safety of others to heart. The J reserves the right to suspend the membership for anyone flagrantly disregarding these guidelines.

According to the CDC guidelines, older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions, like heart or lung disease or diabetes, may be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness. If you fall into one of these categories, it is recommended you stay home if possible or take extra safety precautions to reduce your risk of getting sick.




Health & Safety Protocol

In addition to following the State of Nebraska Health Department, Douglas County, and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, The J is implementing extra precautions to help our community stay safe and healthy. This includes extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing practices within each of our classes, programs, and facility areas.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures
– Machines, bathrooms, showers, and other high-touch surfaces are sanitized frequently throughout the day
– Nightly deep cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment
– Additional and routine training with all staff with regard to proper cleaning and sanitation techniques
– “All hands on deck” approach to cleaning with staff from multiple departments assisting with sanitization throughout the day
– All provided towels washed with bleach
– Increased sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the facility
– Cleaning inspections performed multiple times daily to ensure facilities are maintained at the highest possible level
– All staff wear masks unless they are actively training members
– All showers will be equipped with convenient sanitizing spray in case members would like to spray down shower fixtures before use

Safety measures that are being taken:
– Mandatory face masks for staff and individuals within the building.
– Sneeze guards have been installed at the Member Services Desk.
– We are strictly adhering to limits on the number of individuals allowed in certain spaces.
– We have implemented the temporary closure of certain areas within the building where social distancing is difficult to maintain.
– Staff is required to wear a mask when working closely with others, take their temperatures daily, and stay home if ill.
– All Members are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask during the check-in process, before their workout, after their workout, and when exiting the facility.
– We are observing enhanced cleaning protocols, but still ask that members also wipe down all equipment, machines, and other surfaces BEFORE and AFTER use using the cleaning supplies provided.
– We encourage frequent hand washing.
– We have additional hand sanitation stations throughout the facility. Please use them.





More Information

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Our Mission

The mission of the Jewish Community Center of Omaha is to create a positive Jewish environment in which to build, strengthen, and preserve Jewish identity and traditions. The JCC reaches out to the Jewish community and provides its members with a unique opportunity to associate through a variety of social, cultural, recreational, educational and physical fitness programs, activities, and services.

Health & Well-Being
To provide facilities and programs that promote physical, social and emotional well-being.

To provide belonging, connectedness, and inclusiveness through programs and partnerships.

To provide the opportunity for personal growth and life-long learning.

To incorporate traditional Jewish morals and values to successfully meet our mission.